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P A S T   D A T A

The data available here for each past DUC workshop include:

  1. Documents
  2. Summaries, results, etc.
    1. manually created summaries
    2. automatically created baseline summaries
    3. submitted summaries created by the participating groups' systems
    4. tables with the evaluation results
    5. additional supporting data and software
To receive the required password sequence that allows access to past DUC data please complete the Agreement Concerning Dissemination of DUC Results and the User Agreements (Organization Applications) that are required for the particular DUC year for which you want data.

Send the Organization Applications to NIST, retain the Individual Applications at your organization.

Send forms to as an attached PDF file. Include the following in your email message:
  1. Your name
  2. Your organization name
  3. Which forms you are submitting
  4. Which dataset you are requesting (e.g., "Requesting DUC 2004 data")
If you are not able to send your forms as an attached PDF file, contact to ask for other options for submitting forms.

Requests for data are handled in the order they are received. Please allow 7 business days for NIST to respond to your request.

Submit these forms:

Retain these forms at your organization:

For data, past results or other general information
contact: Angela Ellis (angela DOT ellis AT
For other questions contact: Hoa Dang (hoa DOT dang AT
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